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Mavel Trolley Backpacks ST-15JY04TR
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Model Number: ST-15JY04TR
Short Features:
Mini elephant collection trolley bag. Satin fabric combines with shiny glitter fabric. Bow shape trolley with smooth wheels, easy for kids to hold.
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Teenager Trolley Backpack ST-15LK05TR
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Model Number: ST-15LK05TR
Short Features:
King of lion collection trolley backpack. It is designed with 600D and 300D. The trolley is double handle, easy for kids to carry.
Keywords: Teenager Trolley Backpack, Custom Teenager Backpack.

Designer School Trolley Backpack ST-15HG06TR
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Model Number: ST-15HG06TR
Short Features:
Happy girl collection trolley backpack. It has two compartments. The light spot is the pink glitter fabric. Glitter PVC piping and rubber puller.
Keywords: China Trolley Backpacks, Trolley Backpacks for School, Designer Trolley Backpacks.

Wheeled Trolley Backpack ST-15FC06TR
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Model Number: ST-15FC06TR
Short Features:
Fashion girl collection trolley backpack. It is designed with three compartments. Satin fabric with sublimation and CMYK printing.
Keywords: Wheeled Trolley Backpacks, China Wheeled Backpacks, Trolley Backpacks OEM.

Disney Trolley Bags ST-15PK04TR
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Model Number: ST-15PK04TR
Short Features:
Colorful life collection trolley bag. It is designed with three compartments, single handle trolley with high quality guarantee.
Keywords: China Disney Bags Manufacturer, Trolley Bags Wholesale, Disney Trolley Bags OEM ODM.

Trolley Backpack with Wheel for Girls ST-15BG05TR
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Model Number: ST-15BG05TR
Short Features:
Beautiful girl collection trolley backpack, It is designed with two compartments. Front piece is CMYK printing on Mircofiber.
Keywords: China Trolley Backpack, Girl Trolley Backpacks.


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