• Chances and Challenges of Bag Industry

Chances and Challenges of Bag Industry

At present, China's bag enterprises amounted to more than 5900, staff more than 90 thousand. School Bags enterprise has amounted to more than 3700, staff more than 600 thousand, therefore the market potential of China is enormous, as the expert puts that the capacity is up to 14 billion. At the same time, the amount of our bags exported to countries, such as ASEAN, North America, Africa, has mounted rapidly, and henceforth the enterprises' export profits have increased. Bags at the same time, the domestic market depreciate sales promotion, market sales rise, the business profit increased.
According to Chinese customs statistics in October this year, the bag and similar industries in our country have exported 14.4979 billion Yuan, increasing 4.7 percent more than the same time this year from January to October. Domestic bag, at the same time, has witnessed the price fall, active customer purchase and growing business profits.
As the country public entrepreneurship and innovative slogan are put forward, the traditional bags businesses have embraced the Internet, various O2O, B2B and B2C type electric business have sprung up across China. Traditional luggage industry is facing challenges such as the lack of talent on Internet, lack of cross-border electronic parts, smart luggage industry standards not specified. Blindly going forward and ignoring the deficiency of the industry doesn't work.
For bag industry, referring to the hot wearable devices in recent years, an intelligent bags product is one of the industrial development new directions. Imagine, when you travel on a business trip to visit friends and relatives to pack, bag recorded your travel habits, remind luggage what you need or solve some practical problems, such as reducing weight of bags when you are climbing, making bag part of your life.
What traditional bags enterprises have to do is not the expansion in the original platform, but to be more innovative, such as learning from intelligent bags, with intelligent music, self-taking function key, combining with the habits of the people, such as travelling, hiking and outdoor GPS Navigation System products which are suitable for it, and install navigation and positioning system.
Using Internet thought is also in order to adapt to the international standard, to speed up the development of new technology, rely on technological progress, adjust the structure of export commodities, make product upgrade, make product structure to high-tech and high value-added products, transformation and puts forward the idea of bags manufacturing enterprises to develop diversified needs.

Chances and Challenges of Bag Industry

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