• Definition and Category of Book Bag

Definition and Category of Book Bag

Book bag, made of ordinary fabric or canvas, is a durable bag that is used to carry books, stationery and other things.Normally, it has adjustable straps and two components. Typical designs include backpacks and message bags which are worn over one shoulder. Now, people have produced new style – trolley bags with wheels.

Category of book bag:
According to the design, book bag can be divided into these following types: piggyback bag, portable bag, piggyback bag with hand and shoulder bag. The first one and third one are most common and welcomed among children. The reason can be classified into three following aspects:

(1) Similar to the military bags, these two kinds of bags can be carried on shoulders with two straps. It is easy for children to carry when walking, running and riding, etc.

(2) Safety. With geometric figure covered on bags in red, yellow, and other different colors, these two kinds of book bags add a security for the kids when they walking down the street. Colorful geometric figure will easy to arouse people’s attention (especially car drivers) and lower the accidents.

(3) After studying the shoulder width, arm length, chest size of children in different ages, designers have well-designed this two kinds of bags which are good for their growth. No matter in shape, size, or in material and color, these two kinds of book bags are very consistent with the physical and psychological needs of children. In particular, double straps, with the function of reducing weight by transferring the pressure to shoulder and back, are benefit for the healthy development of children’s lumbar.

Definition and Category of Book Bag

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