• How to Choose Cosmetic Bags

How to Choose Cosmetic Bags

1. Small and exquisite appearance: size of cosmetic bags should be appropriate for easy carry and it is generally recommended to have the size less than 18cm × 18cm. And the height of bag’s side should not be too low so as to put enough items.

2. Lightweight material: the weight of the material is another factor that must be considered, the more lightweight of the material, the less burdensome it will be. Cosmetic bags made of cloth and plastic sheeting are most lightweight and convenient. In addition, for the skin of the bags, it is better to choose wear-resistant material and do not embellish too much decorations so as to have a long service life.

3. Multi-sandwich design: because there are lots of small things placed in the make up bags, so hierarchical design can help all items organized. Currently, the design of cosmetic bags is become more and more considerate, and even with a special area separated out to hold lipstick, powder puff, pen-like tools and other things. Multi-sandwich design is not only good for easy find , but also protect items from collision.

4. Choose your own style: first you need to check your usual habit. If there are more pen-like objects and flat-shaped make-up palettes, then you should choose multi-sandwich design bags with wide flat shape; but if there are more bottles in your cosmetic bag, then you should choose wide side makeup bag to make the cans stand and avoid leakage.

How to Choose Cosmetic Bags

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