• How to choose pupils’ schoolbag?

How to choose pupils’ schoolbag?

Schoolbags is an essential learning tool for pupils. More and more parents pay more attention to the election of backpacks. Other than price and style, the first important thing is healthy development of pupils. Here are some tips:

1. You should choose wide straps and shoulder pads. It would be better if schoolbag has belt, which can uniformly reduce the stress and won’t do harm to back and shoulder.

2. Check every parts in the schoolbags.It’s good to have more partitions. Books and pencil cases are placed in categories in different partitions, which can distribute schoolbags’ weight evenly.

3. Less pockets and meshes on schoolbags are better, otherwise, it’s dangerous for easily being hooked by sharp subjects. Excessive metal buckles and zippers not only add the schoolbags’ weight but also do harm to waist and back.

4. It’s better to has cushion on the back of knapsack, which helps to cooling. And children won’t get sweaty.

5. Take satchel into consideration. Choose the minimum size as long as it can hold all books and stationary. Generally, the width of schoolbag should be short than that of children’ body; the bottom should be 10 cm higher than children’ waist.

6. Materials are important. Choose light nylon or canvas schoolbags instead of leather or other thick materials.

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