• How to Identify a Fake Bag

How to Identify a Fake Bag

How to identify a fake bag? There have two ways to spot a fake bag: visual detection and instrument detection.

Visual identification – it requires appraisers with extensive experience. For famous and world-class bags, although there are different brands and types, they have lots in common. Good material, exquisite workmanship, comfortable feeling and without any syrup taste. An experienced appraiser can identify a fake bag in a few minutes. And the following are some tips to identify a fake bag. First, smell it. Fake bags always have heavy syrup taste. Then, check the details, such as zipper, craftsmanship, serial number, printing and so on. What’s more, each brand has its own characteristics. Also, bags with various materials can also be very different on their outward appearance. While visual identification is the most common and time-saving method, however, it is kind of subjective and is can be influenced by mood, weather, etc. Therefore, at this time, we need to use instrument detection. Real bags and fake bags will have very different characteristics when putting both of them on high magnification instrument. For example, cortex of different ages, thickness of cuticle and so on.

How to Identify a Fake Bag

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