• How to Maintain the Backpack

How to Maintain the Backpack

No matter what kind of backpack, it must be easy to load items and easy to take them out. Number of items should match the travel distance and the number of days. Your carried goods should be folded and wrapped in plastic bags so as to avoid dirt and moisture. For easily damaged items, you can use softer stuff to wrap them. The total weight of the men's backpack preferably not over one third of his body weight while women’s backpacks should not over a quarter.

You need to pay attention to these following points when loading items into the backpack: “heavy top and light bottom”, heavy and frequently used items should be placed on the upper part of the backpack and light objects should be placed at the bottom. Heavy items such as food, tent should be placed in the upper part while relatively light items such as sleeping bag, clothing, etc. can be placed on the bottom of the backpack. “Soft material should be attached to the back”, relatively soft items, such as clothing can be put in place near the back, so that you will feel little comfortable when carrying your backpack. Late-used items should to be placed at the bottom, some items which are used after arriving the camp should be placed at the bottom, such as sleeping bag, replacement clothing and so on. “Emergency items put outside”, emergency supplies such as flashlight, sachets, raincoats and other things should be placed on the outside to easily pick up. “About symmetry”, buckle the belt at the waist, adjust the strap length to make the back comfortable.

When backpack is dirty, you can use water to wash it and place in a cool place to dry it. Remember, do not directly dry it by fire or electric dryer. In fact, the maintenance method of backpack is the easiest way in all package classes.

How to Maintain the Backpack

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