• How to Remove Mildew Spot in Kids Trolley Bag

How to Remove Mildew Spot in Kids Trolley Bag

If you want to prevent the mildew spot in the bag, you should keep in mind the following suggestions in the use of bag:
1. To ensure the bag and the surrounding environment clean.
If there is no dirt, there will be no substance for mildew spot. So after using kids trolley bag and before keeping it, you should clean all parts of kids trolley bag and dry it thoroughly. This is one of the most important methods to avoid the mildew.
2. Keep the bags dry and ventilated.
Moisture is the decisive factor of bag mildew. Under dry ventilated but dirty environment, there still won't be mildew spot. So to avoid the mildew spot, you must assure kids trolley bag be kept in dry and ventilated environment. Once mildew appears on the bag, you can adopt the following methods:
(1). Use soft towel to wipe kids trolley bag gently. When wiping, you should guarantee that the bags are not damaged. You had better wipe out the mildew on the surface of the bag while not try to use alcohol, discharge water and some strong and shoddy products to wipe the trolley bag. After wiping, dry the bag in shade, and use luxury maintenance oil.
(2). If there is still some mildew, such as black and brown stain, you can choose corresponding maintenance oil.
(3). It is hard to thoroughly remove the mildew in some bags sometimes. At this moment, you should resort to the professional service center and do not try to remove it by yourself.
(4). The professional and technical maintenance center should pay attention to the characters of the kids trolley bag accordingly to choose the respective maintaining products, the pigment paste and other harmonic proportion of care agent, otherwise it is easy to cause uneven color.
(5). If the mildew is serious, it is better to resort to the professional center.

How to Remove Mildew Spot in Kids Trolley Bag

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