• How to Select a Bag

How to Select a Bag

Bags have many styles, such as envelope bags, satchel bags, zipper bags and so on. Evening bags, shopping bags, city bags, beach bags, briefcases and other bags can be used in different occasions while cosmetic bags, cigarettes purses, lighter bags and other bags have different functions.

Bags, with different materials (leather, cotton, chemical fiber cloth and various other materials), can reflect different temperament and demeanor. And there are some useful tips when choosing a bag.

(1) Occasion. Women's bags can be divided into daily style, dinner style and other styles. Daily style bags should be decent, usually with large volume; generally, dinner style bags, with high quality, are small and exquisite, mainly to play the decorative effect. Nowadays, working women are more focused on the professional image, as well as the men, so office bags are becoming popular among office workers.

(2) Colors. As for daily use bags, size and color can be arbitrary, as long as they are suitable. However, for work bags, it will be a wise choice to select black, brown, dark prison or purplish red bags to easily match your clothes, leaving a handsome and athletic feeling to other people.

It is worth mentioning that work bags are not suitable to have overly fancy pattern and excessively shiny colors, because it will give people a sense of childish; but they can be used in daily life to add a lively embellishment.

(3) Material. Material is really important. Bags with different material will have different prices. Leather bags, with relatively high price, are most durable. While woven flax bags and straw-woven bags are favored by urban people because of their simple style, high color technology, various styles and varied weaving techniques.

How to Select a Bag

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