• How to Use Trolley Bag Correctly

How to Use Trolley Bag Correctly

With the increasing academic pressure for school students, bags are getting heavier and heavier. At this situation, trolley bag with the function of lightening burden has emerged. But how to use trolley bag correctly?

1. Long unilateral arm force is easy to make the arm dysplastic, so, do not always use the same hand to pull trolley bag, change another hand from time to time. It can not only exercise your body, but also train your coordination.

2. When up and down the stairs, do not drag trolley bag forcibly, press into the pull rod and carry the bag with your hand. If you were bought a removable trolley bag, you should back bag up and down stairs so as to avoid bruising other students.

3. Dragging a trolley bag behind, you will walk slowly, so at this time you need to pay more attention to the traffic lights when crossing the road, safety first.

4. After school, you’d better go downstairs orderly, do not squeeze together with other students. No one wants an accident.

5. Generally, trolley bag itself is waterproof, but during rainy days, it is best to use professional tarpaulin to cover it so as not to get dirty or soaked.

6. Be sure to wash and tidy up trolley bag and you’d better don’t put too much books. Also, it is a great chance to develop good habit.

How to Use Trolley Bag Correctly

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