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How to choose pupils’ schoolbag?

  • Posted: 01/05/2017 16:58:18
  • Edited: 01/05/2017 17:06:16
  • Clicks: 16

Schoolbags is an essential learning tool for pupils. More and more parents pay more attention to the election of backpacks. Other than price and style, the first important thing is healthy development...

Six Functions of Traveling Bag

  • Posted: 07/18/2016 14:19:40
  • Edited: 07/18/2016 14:28:29
  • Clicks: 12

Compared with the ordinary backpacks in the market, the traveling backpacks utility of professional outdoor sports equipment has a big difference, as a outdoor enthusiast, how much you really know abo...

Six Functions of Kids Outdoor Backpacks

  • Posted: 04/26/2016 17:03:37
  • Edited: 04/26/2016 17:07:34
  • Clicks: 8

Kids outdoor backpacks has been more and more popular in the market these years, so here Bags-Center would like to analyze some functions of design of kids outdoor backpacks. Kids outdoor backpac...

How to Remove Mildew Spot in Kids Trolley Bag

  • Posted: 04/25/2016 17:30:16
  • Edited: 04/25/2016 17:32:46
  • Clicks: 11

If you want to prevent the mildew spot in the bag, you should keep in mind the following suggestions in the use of bag:   1. To ensure the bag and the surrounding environment clean. If there is n...

The Maintenance of Kids Travel bag

  • Posted: 04/25/2016 17:24:46
  • Edited: 04/25/2016 17:29:54
  • Clicks: 3

Some bags are quite expensive, so we should take good maintenance of them. In order to keep longer service life of kids travel bags, let's take a look at the ways for maintaining bags, especially ...

China's Bag Industry Enjoys Bright Prospect

  • Posted: 03/16/2016 14:33:20
  • Edited: 03/16/2016 14:40:20
  • Clicks: 3

China's bag industry is seen as a promising one both at home and abroad market and enjoys bright prospect. China's bag industry has developed rapidly both in domestic and foreign markets, beco...

Analysis of China's Imported Bags

  • Posted: 03/07/2016 16:47:20
  • Edited: 03/07/2016 16:52:02
  • Clicks: 2

Analysis of China's imported bags 1, the mix of imported bags In terms of the mix of imported bag of China, "handbag made of regenerated leather or patent leather for" (tariff no. : 4202...

Chances and Challenges of Bag Industry

  • Posted: 02/27/2016 09:46:30
  • Edited: 02/27/2016 09:57:55
  • Clicks: 1

At present, China's bag enterprises amounted to more than 5900, staff more than 90 thousand. School Bags enterprise has amounted to more than 3700, staff more than 600 thousand, therefore the mark...

The Principle of Backpack

  • Posted: 12/29/2015 10:04:52
  • Edited: 12/31/2015 14:01:20
  • Clicks: 8

It is designed according to the human body, so that we won’t feel tired when we carry a backpack. 1 Human’s spine Human’s spine is consisted of 26 vertebrae, it is divided to fi...


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