• Six Functions of Kids Outdoor Backpacks

Six Functions of Kids Outdoor Backpacks

Kids outdoor backpacks has been more and more popular in the market these years, so here Bags-Center would like to analyze some functions of design of kids outdoor backpacks. Kids outdoor backpack has six big functions, namely, stability, bearing, comfort, waterproof, durability, multi-function.
1. Stability: kids backpack stability is provided by the excellent bearing system. Good fitting performance make outdoor backpack tie to the kids tightly with good stability, especially in complex terrain and steep mountain road, ensuring the safety of kids.
2. Bearing performance: when one carries 30 kg weight, he will surely feel very tired. But when one carries 30 kg weight with a kids outdoor backpack, he will surely feel much more relieved because the kids outdoor backpack will share the weight in all parts of the body, especially the load in the waist significantly reduce the pressure in upper-body, and the tiredness in shoulder will disappear, moreover, it is conducive to moving ability and flexibility.
3. Comfort: kids outdoor backpack not only share the weight to all parts of the body, but also provide comfort and good permeability. S-shaped straps, package type belt, adjustable bearing length, laminating breathable back, filled bubble material and thick waist pad are all conducive to the fitness between body and backpack.
4. Waterproof: in outdoor environment, the weather is always changing, so we are likely to encounter rain at any time, thus for kids outdoor backpack, it is very important to prevent rain. Outdoor backpacks themselves all have certain waterproof performance, but are not completely waterproof. In the condition of the continuous rainfall, be sure to use kids outdoor backpack cover to ensure the safety of equipment. Completely waterproof kids outdoor package is relatively rare in the market, and they tend to be expensive and heavy.
5. Durability: kids outdoor travel bag is commonly used outdoor equipment, so it must have good durability. The higher the wear resistance is, the heavier the outdoor bags will be.
6. Multifunctional: the design and function of kids outdoor backpack is becoming more and more humanized. First, removable top bag can be used as pocket. Second, water bag can be used alone. Third, water bag and ice bag have fixed buckle. Fifth, bag capacity can be expanded.

Six Functions of Kids Outdoor Backpacks

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