• Six Functions of Traveling Bag

Six Functions of Traveling Bag

Compared with the ordinary backpacks in the market, the traveling backpacks utility of professional outdoor sports equipment has a big difference, as a outdoor enthusiast, how much you really know about traveling bags? Now, China Center Bags Company will share some information about traveling bags in the design function.

There are six main functions of traveling bags, they respectively are in the stability, carrying function, comfort level, waterproof performance, durability and the multiple function.

The stability of outdoor traveling bag is related to its excellent carrying system. A good coating performance is necessary which can integrate people and their traveling bags well during their journey, providing its outstanding stability for people, especially in the occasion of the rugged and complex terrains or walking along the steep mountain trail, it can protect people from injury better.

2. Carrying function.
It is strenuous to carry a bag which is three pounds equipment. On the contrary, it is much easier to carry it by taking outdoor traveling bags. That is because the traveling bag divides the whole weight into several proportion on all parts of the body, particularly on the waist, loading on the waist can obviously reduce the stress of upper body’s, less burden on the shoulder, more relaxed people will feel, this can visibly improve the property of moving agility better.    

3.Comfort level.
Outdoor traveling bag is also comfort and ventilate while it shares the weight to all parts of the body. 
1)S shape asymmetric shoulder strap.
2)Wrapping type belt.
3)Adjustable carrying length.
4)Fit and ventilate carrying back.
5)Filling foam material.
6)Thick bustle on the waist.
Every above part of traveling bag fits the body as much as possible.

4.Waterproof performance.
In the outside, the weather is always changing, the rainy weather would come at any time. Therefore, it is necessary and important for outside traveling bag equipment to be possessed with waterproof function. Actually, almost all kinds of outside traveling bag have certain waterproof function, however, it is not really waterproof completely, when faced with the continuously raining, using the raining cover for protecting the traveling bag is necessary. Completely waterproof traveling bag is rare in the market, furthermore, it is more expensive and more heavy than the general waterproof traveling bag.

5. Durability.
As a sport equipment which is commonly used for traveling, outside traveling bag should be provided with good durability. 100D --- 300D for traveling bag material, base material, 210D --- 500D for base bag material, the higher of D, rougher the nylon material will be, the durability will be higher, thus, the bag will be much heavier.

6.Multiple function.
The traveling bag is made for more and more personalized, its function is relatively being multiple. 
1)Removable top bag can be applied for pocket.
2)Exclusive use for the water bag.
3)Portable climbing stick system.
4)The fixed buckle for water bag and ice axes.
5)Extended top bag for capacity enlargement.

Six Functions of Traveling Bag

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