• Standard for Good School Bags

Standard for Good School Bags

Every parent wants the kids to have good school bags, but many of them do not know how to choose the right one. Don't worry. The following we will focus on this knowledge and teach you how to choose nice and suitable school bags for your kids.

Material should be light. Since students have to carry a lot of books to school, so in order not to add extra weight, the bag should try to choose light-weight material, such as nylon or PVC plastic. In addition, too many metal buckle or metal zipper is not advocated, because this will increase the weight and may cause harm to kids’ back.

Shoulder straps should be wide. Wide shoulder straps can help to reduce the strain on the shoulder. If the strap is too small, trapezius will be easier tired.

Using belts can make the bag closer to the back and average the weight. Also, belts can fix the bags at the waist to avoid wobble and reduce spinal pressure on each shoulder.

Because bags must be close to the back, so there should be back cushions which have grooved inside to help dissipate heat so that the children will not "sweat."

Bags should have built-in drawstring. Built-in drawstring can make books closer to the back so as to avoid the bag outward tilt. Besides, the inside lattice of bags should have similar role, fixing water bottles, pencil case and other debris. Thus, children will be able to keep the spine straight up.

Standard for Good School Bag

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