• The Maintenance of Kids Travel bag

The Maintenance of Kids Travel bag

Some bags are quite expensive, so we should take good maintenance of them. In order to keep longer service life of kids travel bags, let's take a look at the ways for maintaining bags, especially kids travel bags.
1. To maintain the original shape, kids travel bag should do not be overloaded and needs to avoid pressure.
2. Avoid sunlight, damp environment, makeup products and perfume.
3. When the product is wet, please resort to smooth cloth with natural dyeing and strong absorption.
4. When the bag is not in use, please place it into dustproof bag. If you want the bag to be protected better, you can put cotton paper and chain belt into kids travel bag to keep the original texture of the bag.
5. Metal chain and buckle need to be cleaned with soft cloth to maintain its brightness.
6. Regularly go to professional bag maintenance center so that you can maintain the service life of kids travel bag.

The Maintenance of Kids Travel bag

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