• The Principle of Backpack

The Principle of Backpack

It is designed according to the human body, so that we won’t feel tired when we carry a backpack.
1 Human’s spine
Human’s spine is consisted of 26 vertebrae, it is divided to five big regions by physiologist; 1-7 vertebrae from top to bottom as the first area; 8-19 vertebrae as the second area; 20-24 vertebrae as third area; 25 vertebrae as the fourth area; 26 vertebrae as the fifth area.
Human’s spine has the following four main functions.
A Support the head and the torso
B Protect the spine inner organization from injury
C Support back muscles
D To ensure that the head and torso can move freely, the back of backpack must be designed comply with the natural shape and motion characteristics of the human spine, so as to alleviate the discomfort caused by the weight of the human body; without hinder the activities of the head and torso while better dispersed the backpack 's gravity throughout the back.
2 Back muscles
Similar to the spine, human’s back muscles also has a certain shape distributions and laws; backpack carrying system designed into the shape of the distribution of the back muscles, so that the force is dispersed throughout the back, rather than concentrated in a part of the muscle;
This design effectively relieve muscle fatigue and increased stability of the backpack bear.
3 Clavicle
Human’s clavicle is usually prominent and the shoulder strap is designed according to the shape of the clavicle.
4 Shoulder bones
The design of the should strap is also designed according to the shape characteristics of human shoulder bones, and take full consideration of the freedom in movement of shoulder bones.
5 Hip bone
Backpack belt is designed considering the shape characteristics of the human hip, waist belt shape is improved, especially the enhanced the belt of comfort and stability, and thus, the backpack can accompany the movement of the hip motion. Also note that the male and female hip bone structure is different, introduce the special backpack belt for female.
6 The delivery of weight
Backpack design-led thinking is to bear the weight of the backpack is dispersed in the entire back of the body, rather than focusing on a particular site;It is based on this idea, the formation of two design concepts.
Backpack belt is tapered on the ramp design. This design allows the waist belt and the body curve coincide, and can dispersed gravity throughout the waistline.
Shoulder Strap
Force backpack shoulder is starting from the bottom of the backpack, this design can be dispersed throughout the weight of the backpack back, there will be no feeling of oppression shoulders.

The Principle of Backpack

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