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Zip Closure Tote Bag ST-15SM10HB
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Model Number: ST-15SM10HB
Short Features:
Summer party collection handbag. Easy-access twill tote bag to large interior compartment, reinforced base handles for extra-heavy loads.
Keywords: Zip Closure Tote Bags, Zip Closure Handbags.

Long Handle Twill Handbag ST-15SM11HB

Model Number: ST-15SM11HB
Short Features:
Summer party collection handbag. A high storage capacity handbag, attractive prints, top zip closure, easy to grab, flower rubber puller.
Keywords: Long Handle Twill Handbag, Twill Handbag.

Travel Thermal Lunch Bag ST-15SM12LB

Model Number: ST-15SM12LB
Short Features:
Summer party collection lunch bag. Wholesale thermal lunch bag with thick foam & PEVA to keep foods warm, leather piping, PVC embossed logo.
Keywords: Travel Thermal Lunch Bags, Travel Lunch Bags.

Large Rectangle Zip Pencil Case ST-15SM13PC

Model Number: ST-15SM13PC
Short Features:
Summer party collection pencil case. One large rectangle zipper pencil case compartment, side handle, large capacity, hard to worn out.
Keywords: Rectangle Zip Pencil Case, Large Rectangle Pencil Case.

Summer Party Design Backpack ST-15SM01BP
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Model Number: ST-15SM01BP
Short Features:
Summer party collection backpack. Twill fabric backpack in sublimation, flower PVC embossed puller, three compartments, leather piping.
Keywords: Summer Party Design Backpacks.


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