• Which Kind of Kids School Bag is Better

Which Kind of Kids School Bag is Better

Kids school bags can be mainly divided into three types, and each type has its advantages and disadvantages. In general, those portable and eased bags will gain popularity from parents. 

1. Backpack
Backpack is one of the most common bags. It is better than single shoulder bag. Single shoulder bag makes children be subjected to stress by a single shoulder strap, It will bear much more stress than shoulders bag. However, single shoulder bag looks more beautiful, assuming the thing is not heavy, it is better to choose single shoulder bag. Whether the backpack or the single shoulder bag, it is advisable to select bags with wide straps, which makes people under a smaller stress. 

2. Safety bag 
Safety bags have security positioning and other related functions, such as phone capabilities, monitoring, and other functions. It is very practical on the whole. If children carry kids safety bag, parents can know the real time status of the children through bags, also can talk to children through the bag. Some security bags possess intelligent security system. When students cross the street, vehicles will be warned to stay in 30 meters away, effectively preventing the occurrence of traffic accidents. At the same time, safety bags can match with the GPS positioning system, parents through a text message can find the precise location of the child. 

3. Trolley bag
The trolley bag is a kind of recently-emerging bag type. This kind of bag looks like a pull rod box, with wheels at the bottom. Both pull and back can be choice. The biggest advantage of trolley bags is that it can reduce the road of children back. 

Which Kind of Kids School Bag is Better

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